Located on the Nicoya Peninsula, Playa Carrillo is full of palm trees and white sand. The coast is usually never very crowded, which makes it a perfect place to relax and escape stressful days at work. While you relax, you can enjoy stunning landscapes of the lush mountains that are drawn in the distance and that act as a beautiful frame for the beach.

Ideal for tourists looking to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Diving and swimming on the beaches are one of the most popular forms of recreation on the beach, with a spectacular coral reef right at the bottom of the waters.

Other popular sports to participate in Playa Carrillo are kayaking, jet skiing, water skiing and sport fishing.

Playa Carrillo has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag due to its efforts to maintain the place as one of the cleanest beaches in Costa Rica.

It is the perfect place to experience the culture of the tico, relax on the beaches and enjoy the most spectacular sunsets and landscapes in Costa Rica.

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